Where West meets West and blends the East.


Burning Man 2005

     The dust is drawn .... Camp Zenplicity will carve its place on the playa once again. 

 Zen Interactive

Temple of Psyche (By: Jezebel Blessing)~ An elemental art piece combining the natural resources of silk, bamboo, and bronze to create an open air temple honoring the creative elements that mankind manifests.  Using hand painted silk banners upon bamboo poles we will honor the four elements, directions, and gifts of Psyche; Dance, Music, Technology, and Literature.  At the center of the temple will reside the Altar of the Mind; a shallow, hand hammered, bronze dish which is symbolic of both the reflective and collective essence of thought. 

Prayer Flags ~  Zenplicity has been collecting individually created prayer flags for many years on the playa, at regional events, and most recently from child tsunami survivors.   Burners  are invited to spread their wishes, hopes, and dreams across the playa by creating prayer flags, view the artistic dreams of others, and revisit their past desires.


Zen Rock Garden~ Let your creative mind take hold as you mold the playa into your very own work of art.                             


Meditate in the Shade ~ We have dozens of comfy ass pillows for your comfort and relaxation under our beautiful sequin shade structures.


Informagoda~ Visit our mini information pagoda to find out what is going on in our hood, post some haps, or leave a message.  After many years as a corner camp we have learned the importance of a localized information "hub."  We will be providing a small pagoda on the corner  (1 side chalkboard, 2 sides cork board) for public display. 

Rover ~ The Mars Rover Art Car will be parked at Zenplicity.   He will be peeing beer daily for your pleasure and ours. 

2005 Camp Map


Camp Zenplicity formerly Nanny Camp, Bead Ball Camp, and full of Martian goodness!


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